• Apply itself to organize a congress that reaches goals, needs profesionalizm, attention and experience.

    To make the convention should be applied to coordinate the work in harmony with many partners. Then should be able to bring creative ideas in right place with the original design and to follow all the stages of in a Professional way.

    Our selected partners and with special agreements with our worldwide facilities;

    Domestic and international congress records, our prices competitive in your symposia and conferences, we serve our excellent service concept.

    Some of the work we have undertaken in the convention area ;

    • ·         Convention planning, budgeting, reporting services
    • ·         Professional Web design for each congress and organisation
    • ·         Providing distribution lists
    • ·         Wellcoming and assistanship services
    • ·         Receiving the registrations
    • ·         Pre-Convention promotional activities
    • ·         Indoor and outdoor advertising works
    • ·         Online registration, secretarial services
    • ·         Planning and implementation of social programs
    • ·         Making the announcement at a specified date and tracking information
    • ·         Poster for congress, brochures, post report of organizations, invitation design and applications.
    • ·         Provision of conference poster and brochure distribution